scissors can be shears

Scissors or Shears? Can one tool be both?

Scissors or shears? A good pair of scissors is worth the investment. But would you ever think of cutting branches with them? No Way! Can you find a tool that cuts like scissors and tackles the tough cuts too?

With a little bit of compromise, you could pick up this pair of scissors from Japan.

Scissors that are shears too.

Engineer PH-55

Maybe you could have one tool to do a few cutting jobs? This pair of scissors from Japan, the Engineer PH-55, is a stylish set of scissors that can cut paper as well as wire, rope, leather, and branches. It also has a box opener and wire cutter!

Engineer PH-55

Engineer PH-55

  • Scissors
  • Pruners
  • Box cutter
  • Wire cutter
  • Serrated cutter
  • Japanese quality

Can these Scissors do different jobs and still cut well?

A pair of shears that can cut thick rope and leather may have trouble cutting fine materials. The first part of the blade is for cutting paper and other light materials. By using the push-through method, you can slide through paper and lightweight cardboard. You would just open the blades part way, using the smoothed cutting surface, as you push the blade forward.

Use these a everyday work scissors
Use these as everyday work scissors.

Because you do not cut fine materials at the back of the scissors, you would never use this set for cutting fine fabric. It would be better to have a pair of scissors designed to cut material.

Next up the blade is the serrated edge. With this serrated edge, you can cut thicker materials like leather and rope. To make this type of cut, you would be using an open-close method. And if you are trying to cut thick stuff, you can place your hands on the outside of the plastic handles to get more leverage.

Where is the Box and Wire Cutters

The safety box cutter is located on the outside of the bottom blade. This is a safety type cutter, as you cannot cut too deep and damage the materials in the package. By pressing down on the tape line, you can pull back and cut with ease. You will have fewer fears of cutting into your precious cargo as the blade is held at a shallow angle.

Multi tool scissors
Multi-tool Scissors

Cutting Wire

Between the handles at the back pivot is the wire cutter. Care should be taken when cutting wire here as the blades will be open. And again, depending on the wire gauge, you can go outside of the handles for more leverage.

Pros and Cons of the Engineer PH-55 Scissors

Multi-use toolCannot cut some fine materials with precision
Cuts Thick RopeShort blades
Compact DesignSmall Handle holes, big hands don’t fit
Plastic Handles Stand OutCan rust
Sheath for storage protectionThe sheath has no belt loop

Why Buy

Why should you buy this pair of scissors? Easy, they are a quality multi-purpose tool for a reasonable price. Save your specialty scissors for their intended jobs, and have at all those not so ideal cutting jobs: Cutting the banding off boxes, cutting the razor-sharp hard plastic vacuum casing trapping your new tool inside, cutting back that annoying bush. Cut through rope, wire, electrical wire, or leather. Use them for everyday cuts; save your expensive scissors.

Taking a closer look at the drawbacks, the size of the scissors is the biggest complaint.

They are small at 3.5 wide, x 0.5 thick, x 7 Inches long. So if you have big hands, they may not be for you.

Big hands can hold these scissors a variety of ways
Big hands can hold these scissors in a variety of ways

Next, the plastic handle is hard, and working the scissors continuously could hurt your hands

And even though the blades are stainless steel, if you leave them in your fishing tackle box, they will show signs of rust. The best way to prevent this is to look after your tools. Dry and lightly oil your shears to keep them in the best condition.

Lastly, the sheath is to protect you from the box cutter edge, but you cannot wear the sheath on your belt as it has no belt loop. These shears are meant to live in your toolbox or kitchen drawer to be handy for everyday cutting.

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