What are Non-Marring pliers? And do I need them?

Non-Marring Pliers have plastic or resin inserts in the grip jaws. The plastic or resin insert will not damage what you are holding. Today we are going to look at a few different styles of soft-jaw, now-marring pliers by the Japanese company Igarashi, or IPS.

The Igarashi Company

Founded in 1940 IPS Igarashi is in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous in Japan for metal processing technology. They are now the only manufacturer specializing in just pliers in Japan.
IPS is proud of the MADE IN JAPAN label and feels an obligation to represent Japan with quality products. As a small company, they pursue high quality, value, and strive to improve production technology.

With only 36 or so employees, they can offer great quality control, and only supply the best production pliers. IPS has open packaging so that you can touch the pliers and get a feel for them. They are not surrounded by plastic. The fact that we are overseas customers means you will probably never touch them before you purchase a pair of pliers! But rest assured of the hard work that went into the pliers. Since 2020 IPS has started a repair service and offers replacement soft jaw parts as well.

IPS Non-Marring WL 270S Water Pump Pliers

If you don’t want to scratch your part, this is the most “soft touch series”. Finished plumbing, door handles, any big part you need to hold without marring, these are the slip pliers for you. With 8 notches for fitting and max size of 70mm, or 2 3/4″

Non-marring pliers for big jobs.
  • The grip part is replacable.
  • Maximum opening width 2 3/4″! They fit perfectly onto the object. By adjusting the mouth width in 8 steps.
  • Quickly adjust with the built-in spring mechanism.
  • For repairing pipes that you do not want to scratch.
  • For opening the lids that do not want to open.
  • Has a replacement square type that can be used according to the application! Can be replaced with a Phillips screwdriver!
  • Replacement resin inserts are sold separately.
  • overall lenght, 11 inches
This big set of non-marring pliers can tackle a variety of odd jobs
You need a soft touch for lots of different jobs. And they are perfect for opening stubborn jars without damaging the lids!

IPS Non-Marring WH-250S Soft touch water pliers

The Soft-touch water pump pliers are similar to the big set above, but these are smaller. Tackle your smaller pipes with a soft touch. The slip joint has 8 positions to fit your job and removable resin inserts as well.

Your toolbox is not complete without at least a few non-marring pliers. You may not need them all the time, but you may turn to them more often than you think because they do not mark your parts.

Water pump pliers are used in plumbing projects
  • Soft touch
  • Use for plumbing work and home water repairs.
  • Rust is a natural enemy around water. The main body is rust-resistant cationic electrodeposition coating (about 10 times that of plated products!)
  • Work can be done quickly with the built-in spring mechanism.
  • Get a perfect fit byadjusting the mouth opening in 8 steps! Max grip 1 13/16th”
  • Use these pliers for motorcycles mantainace, or assembling models. Any small job where you need a soft touch.
  • Vinyl grip that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Replacement resin is also sold separately
  • Overall lenght, 10 inches
Non-marring slip joint pliers by Igarashi

Slip Joint Pliers IPS Non-Marring PH-200

The PH-200 IPS pliers
  • Grip Firmly without scratching
  • Non Marring resin inserts, Duracon Resin
  • Replaceable inserts
  • Rust resistand body made of high carbon steel. Cationic electrodeposition coating
  • Slip joint, two positions. 7/8th” max grip size
  • Wire and nail cuttter. Cuts solid soft wire up to 1/8th”
  • Overall lenght 8 inches
These non-marring pliers can cut wire as well as grip parts with out damage.

Soft Touch Slim Non-Marring Pliers SH-165S

Lastly, we are going to round out the soft jaw pliers with a small set. This pair of non-marring pliers are great to hold and bend soft metals. You will find them to be your go-to pair for small repairs, electrical work, jewelry, and crafting. They do have a slip joint and the same spring load in the joint as the larger pairs, but the pointy needle nose helps you hold small items.

They come with a second set of Duracon Resin jaws. The jaws have different gripping patterns, and you can pick the best one for the job.

The small needle nose pliers with non-marring jaws
  • Grip Firmly without scratching
  • Non Marring resin inserts, Duracon Resin
  • Replaceable inserts
  • Rust resistand body made of high carbon steel. Cationic electrodeposition coating
  • Slip joint, two positions. 3/4th” max grip size
  • Wire and nail cuttter. Cuts solid soft wire up to 1/8th”
  • The back side of the grip is equipped with knurled teeth that can firmly grasp pipes and a wire cutter that can cut wires and nails.
  • Comes with a resin spare (1 set) in the grip! 
  • Overall size 6.8″
Small pliers can help with small repairs.

Every Tool Box Needs Non-Marring Pliers

No matter if you want these Japanese-quality non-marring pliers, you still need to have a variety of these types of pliers. The fulcrum of pliers means you can exert a surprising amount of force, and the serrations in regular pliers mark parts very easily. Just remember the limitations of soft jaws. Soft jaw pliers are not made for heavy work. The best place to use them is for materials that scratch easily or are plastic. You will damage the jaws if you ply on nuts and bolts, or other heavy-duty jobs.

From finished plumbing, automotive repairs on plastic parts, fishing set up, model making, to jewelry repair, I can think of many times I need to hold a part firmly but not ruin it.

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